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Design, functionality and elegance. Our shelves adapt perfectly; 30mmx16mm thick panels, providing characteristics that combine poise and strength for the most varied compositions. Its versatile combination possibilities allows for a full adaptation in any space



Bathrooms perfectly ordered. The functionality of the models of our bathroom furniture, combine simplicity, elegance and comfort to get a warm and private environment in your home. Made with 30 and 16 mm thick panels, we can be sure that you´ll find the functionality and strength you were looking for.

General Furniture

muebles auxiliares

Wardrobes, cupboards, cobblers. Our designs are carefully studied to obtain every possible benefit from kit furniture. Conceived with the best materials to obtain a long lasting quality product.



Design made to satisfy every workspace need. Combining elegance, simplicity and simple lines as well as comfort and strength. Our design are made to go beyond the ambiance concept.

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